May 2023
Which Interfaces Will We Start With?

We will develop and release open-source code, initially focusing on these interfaces in the RAN. With each of the following interfaces, we will engage with the community to gather feedback and make iterative improvements to the code, with the aim of creating a community-driven standard for RAN interfaces. The purpose of each interface below is described and followed by the main requirements that an integration must meet, followed by an assessment of the feasibility of our approach in addressing the technical problems posed.

Open Fronthaul eCPRI7-2 Interface
The first interface of interest is the Open Fronthaul eCPRI7-2 by O-RAN, which serves as the fronthaul interface between the radio unit (RU) and the distributed unit (DU). 

A1 Interface
The second interface is the A1 interface by O-RAN, which connects the RIC (RAN Intelligent Controller) to the ONAP (Open Network Automation Platform) or MANO (Management & Orchestration). The A1 interface facilitates communication between the two RICs, supporting policy management, data transfer, and machine learning management. The data, referred to as enrichment information, aids in model training for AI and machine learning within the near real-time RIC. 

X2 Interface

The third interface is the X2 interface, as specified by 3GPP. This interface is designed for communication between CUs (Central Units) from different suppliers. The X2 interface consists of the X2-c and X2-u interfaces for the control and user planes, respectively. Originally designed by 3GPP for information exchange between a 4G network's eNBs or between an eNB and a 5G network's en-gNB, the O-RAN Alliance's documentation maintains the same principles and protocols.

F1 Interface
The fourth interface is the F1 interface, as specified by 3GPP. This midhaul interface connects the DU (Distributed Unit) and CU (Central Unit) or the RAP (Radio Access Point) and the CU.

O1 and O2 Interface
The fifth and sixth interfaces are the O1 and O2 interfaces by O-RAN. The O1 interface connects the Service Management and Orchestration (SMO) to RAN managed elements, such as the near real-time RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC), O-CU, O-DU, O-RU, and open evolved NodeB (O-eNB). The O2 interface enables communication between the SMO and the O-Cloud it resides in, allowing network operators connected to the O-Cloud to operate and maintain the network using the O1 or O2 interfaces by reconfiguring network elements, updating, or upgrading the system.

The Team Behind the Platform
Aneet, CEO and co-founder.
Aneet Makin
Chief Executive Officer
Amit, board member.
Amit Mital
Gina Hatchett
Customer Success & Operations